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Basic App Features

Qandim is a light control system that is built into light fixtures. The system is based on Bluetooth Mesh technology that allows all Qandim enabled light fixtures to form networks of light fixtures that can be controlled wirelessly from an iPhone or Android smart phones. Once the user has downloaded our free App, the user can form networks of up to 24 light fixtures. The lights can be organized into up to 5 groups. For example, the lights in the kitchen can be in one group, the dining room lights can be in another group, etc. The App can dim the lights and turn them on and off as separate groups or individually.


Master user and guest user

This app allows the user to set a master user and a guest user.

Master user functions:

*    Set master user password

*    Set network name

*      Set guest user password

*      Provision the system

*      Add individual lights to the network

*      Name the individual lights

*      Set up different groups (up to 5 groups)

*      Name the groups

*      Assign lights to groups (up to 6 lights per group. One light can belong to only one group)

*      Reset network

*      Turn lights (group of individual lights) on - off

*      Set light levels (group or individual lights)

Guest user functions:

Once the network is established. Guest users can sign into the network using guest user password. the functions available to guest users are: 

*      Turn lights (group or individual lights) on - off

*      Set light levels (group or individual lights)

Note: When a light (or group) is set to a certain light level and the light is turned off from the app, that same light level will be maintained when the light is turned back on using app.

Note: When the power to the light (light switch on wall) is turned off and switched back on again, the light level will come back on at 80% regardless of previous settings.



Premium App Features

We also offer a premium app that will give many more benefits. The premium app is called Qandim Plus and is available for purchase in the App Store of Google Play. In addition to turning on and dimming, the premium App let you set 6 different lighting scenes and set daily schedule for up to 6 events, to turn lights on and off, and to bring lights up and down that you can easily program. A good application would be to slowly bring up the lights in the morning and slowly bring down the lights at night to help with your circadian cycle, or just leave 1 light on a lowest level to be the night light. Adding schedules to various lights on and off will also help deter burglars when the house is not occupied. The system is also good for businesses to help change the light level depending on the time of day to make use of sunlight or in according to food service schedules in a restaurant. For households, it will improve your well being. For businesses, it will help you manage the light environment and safe on electricity bills.

Set scenes

The master user can set up to 6 scenes. A scene is when up to 8 individual lights or a group of lights are set to a certain light level (on, off or any level in between). For example, user can set a dining scene and set the group called, for example, "dining room" to 70%. User then can call up a scene with the App on the smartphone.

Set schedules

After the different scenes have been set, the master user can set daily schedule of up to 6 events to recall the various scenes. Example: set "wakeup" scene at 6 am, "go to work" at 8 am, "return home" at 4 pm, "dinning" at 7 pm, "sleep" at 10 pm, "security" at 11 pm. The schedule will repeat daily. To find out how to get the apps, click on below.


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