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What is Qandim

Qandim is a lighting control system that is built into light fixtures. The system is based on Bluetooth Mesh technology that allows all Qandim enabled light fixtures to form networks that will control the lights wirelessly from an iPhone or Android smart phones. Once our free App is installed in the smart phone, user can form networks of up to 24 light fixtures. The lights can be organized into groups. Up to 5 groups can be formed in a network. For example, the lights in a kitchen can be in one group, the dining room lights can be in another group, etc. Then the user can turn lights on or off, and to set them a any level between 100% and 4%. Controls can be performed on the lights individually or as a group.


Add more smart benefits to improve your life and save money

We also offer a premium App that will provide many more features and benefits. In addition to turning on and dimming, the premium App allow the user to program up to 8 preset scenes. Each scene represents a brightness level for up to 8 devices chosen by the user or a group of devices. The scenes can be "off" or "on" or any of the 19 brightness levels between 100% and 4%. The user then can call up any preset scenes with one click. The Pro app will also allow the user to program schedules for the scenes. For example, the user has programmed a “wake-up” scene for lights in the bedroom to turn on at 50% brightness. User can then set a schedule to activate the “wake-up” scene at 6:30 am. 8 scheduled scenes within a one-day cycle can be programmed in the App. This cycle repeats daily. A good use would be to slowly bring up the lights in the morning and slowly bring down the lights at night to help with circadian cycle, or just leave 1 light on a lowest level to be the night light. Adding schedules will also help deter burglars when users are away from home for extended period of time. The system is good also good for businesses to help change the light level depending on the time of day to make use of sunlight and to dim or turn off lights at night. for restaurants, this will be useful for setting different ambiance depending on dining mode. For households, this system will improve well being, for businesses it will help manage the light environment and safe on electricity bills. The Scenes and Schedules features can also be very useful in greenhouse horticultural applications. Artificial lighting levels can be programmed to automatically supplement sunlight during the day and provide full light during the night.


Easy and secure

This system can be set up in a few easy steps. Because it uses Bluetooth technology, no internet or WiFi is required to operate this system. This take away the burden of having to have internet or WiFi. This is also an added security feature that minimizes hacking and intrusion. the App operation is secured by a passwords. Users can operation the system in Master User or Guest User mode. Master User can set master password, guest password, and set network parameters. Master User can then share the Guest user password with a guest user. The Guest User can operate basic functions such as turning lights on, off, set dimming levels but cannot change any network parameters.

More about the network

A single app can support muiltiple networks. so a multi-storey building with hundreds of lights can be formed into many networks. The Qandim app will be able to logged into any of the networks, with the correct password. So a single app can control all the lights in a building. for the network to work properly, the maximum distance between one light and another is 25 feet. So if all 24 lights in a network is aligned in a straight line, the mesh network can cover a distance of 600 feet from end to end. As long as the smart phone is less than 25 feet away from a Qandim equipped light fixture, the user can control a light that is 600 feet away.


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